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The Importance of Juicing to Fight Cancer

One of the best books on juicing is Drink Your Troubles Away by John Lust, and he has a great explanation on page one about the importace of juicing, and I can't say it any better, so here it is:


     "In nature's scheme of things there are pure liquids locked in the cells of plants that have definite therapeutic value.  Just s we know that certain herbs have specific curative power, so do these plant juices which come from fresh fruits and vegetables.  These juices, subtle in their action, yet more potent than any medicine, and without the toxic effect of drugs, can eliminate or prevernt may of the chorinic and degenerative diseases with which human beings are afflicted.

     Fresh fruit juices are the cleansers of the human system.  Vegetable juices are the regenerators and builders of the body.  Grown in healthy soil, they contain all the substances needed for nourshing the human organism, provided the juices are used fresh, raw and without preservatives.  The substances may all be grouped into seven simpled kinds of materials.  These are (1) carbohydrates, (2) proteins, (3) fats, (4) minerals, (5) vitamins, (6) bio flavonoids and (7) cellulose.  . . .

    Scientists tell us that many diseases are the results of a diet deficient in trace vitamins and organic materials.  Specifically such diseases as pellagra, beri beri, rickets, malnutrition, anemia, the conditions of underweight, overweight and even the common cold and vague virus disorders can be traced to a lack of these life-giving units of health.  Fresh vegetable juices satisfy and nourish every one of the twenty-six thousand billion cells of which our bodies are composed.  They revitalize the blood stream.  They revivify the nerves.  They rejuvenate the glands and organs.  They soothe the acid-irritated tissues.

     When we consider the vegetables and fruits have been naturally cooked by solar energy;  that they contain all the elements the sun and the earth have buried deep in their fibre cells;  that they are nature's live-cell foods -- then it follows as logical that if we crush the juices from the cells of the fresh fruits and vegetables and put their health giving fluid in to our blood stream, we will receive a share of their vital energy.  Raw juices, properly extracted, are second only to raw honey in ease and speed of assimilation.  Raw juices taken on an empty stomach will be absorbed by the blood stream and glands within 15 minutes after ingestion.  This vital part of vegetables is most difficult to reach.  It is secreted within the cellulose fibres we call "roughage."  While roughage is definitely something we want included in our daily meals, it is possible to get too much of it.  Therefore, and because we are seeking the effect of the pure plant juices without taxing our systems with roughage, raw juices provide the answer to so many health problems that have a nutritional solution. 

     The good quality electric juicing machines will extract fully the vital nutritive elements from fruits and vegetables.  Drinking the juices from which most of the pulp has not been separated taxes the digestive organs more than eating and properly masticating the whold raw fruits or vegetables themselves.  This is so because the roughage thus taken into the stomach has been thoroughly insalivated in the mouth during the chewing process and it is here where digestion begins.

    We know that fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential to good health, to the prolongation of life, and to the cure of disease.  We know also that a certain amount of these vitamins and minerals are destroyed in the cooking of foods, so we conclude that they are best consumed raw.

     Because we can only consume a limited amount  of raw food daily, generally not enough to obtain the therapeutic effect desired, a pint or more of fresh raw fruit or vegetable juice added to the diet of the average person will do more than is popularly realized. 

     Here we must make note that the cure of disease is a long, slow process.  If a person in ill health thinks that by adding a pint or two of fresh juices to his daily diet, he will be in perfect health in a few days, he is mistaken. 

     While an improvement in the general vitality may be noted after a week or two, it takes a long time for its full cure to develop.  Nature works slowly but efficiently.  It takes 20 years to build a baby into a man.  With patience you'll discover that many stubborn physical ailments will respond to long range planned raw juice therapy.

     Basically, it is intended to correct the colloidal cell chemical composition which has become unbalanced through the unnatural daily living and dieting habits we literally are forced into accepting.  It is easy to understand that the commonly accepted practice of trying to suppress the symptoms arising from living like this is more harmful than helpful. . . .

      You must bear in mind that where a person's condition has progressed to a serious stage, or if uncertainty exists as to seriousness, it is best not to delay the timely competent services of a physician.  But, in the regeneration and reconstruction of your body by raw juice therapy, it is important to remember also that these juices will start a detoxifying process throughtout your entire system.  Eliminative processes thuse begun are sumetimes very powerful, having the force to dissolve and expel hardened and caked masses which have lodged in various locations throughout the body and its glandular system during the long period when these encumbrances were being accumulated.  These impurities cannot withstand the avalanche of sudden and overwhelming ingestion of vegetable juices and under their repeated impact, deposits or 'encumbrances' as Louis Kuhne, author of The New Science of Healing termed toxic accumulations, are reabsorbed by the blood stream and cast out. As the blood becomes more alkaling, the toxins which have been built up in the tissues through years of wrong living are dissolved and enter again into the circulation fo the blood stream to be carried off via the regular excretory channels.  This is the original naturopathic theory of a "single cause for all disease."  It is interesting to note that some of the most exciting results of current scientific medical research are leading to the conclusioni that man does not reach the normal span of life that Nature awards all living things because of the toxic substances deposited in the cells of our tissues, gradually causing them to lose their elasticity and functional power.  Think what this means when any one of your organ's tissues are involved.  The cause of trouble always seems so mystifying until the "unity of disease" theory is applied.

     But, to return to the "healing crisis," we must not become unduly alarmed over the discomforts occurring during it.  Those of you who have for years lived on highly seasoned foods, abundant proteins, pastries and heavy starches, will almost invariably complain of distress when starting a rigorous raw juice schedule.  Such disagreeable reactions do not mean that raw juices do not agree with you, but signify they do not harmonize with an unhealthy condition of the stomach and bowels or an acid condition of the blood.  That is why these unpleasant symptoms must not be misinterpreted as a change for the worse, when they are really signs of improvement.  It seems not only unscientific, but positively unreasonable to expect good wholesome raw fruit or vegetable juice to combine with sickly secretions in the same manner and with the same effect as they do with normal secretions.  All corrections, and they begin promptly, must of necessity be accompanied by some discomfort and distress until the effective uprooting of the bodily poisons has been achieved.

     Our bodies are made of the material that goes into them, food, air and the magnetic forces of Nature about us.  All of these factors are fairly constant except food.  We are, therefore, essentially made of the things we consume.  What goes into our bodies today froms blood, flesh and bones tomorrow.

     Now the question arises, "What is the most perfect food?"  The answer is, "Food as it grows."  As Nature prepared it in her own laboratory it has been as perfectly made as is possible under any circumstance.

     Therefore raw juice therapy answers our need completely for making food available to us in its most natural origianlly live state in order that it can most perfectly sustain life.

     The difficulty in proving this contention lies in the confusing results that occur when a sick, imperfect body is given the most perfect food, raw plant juices.  Living, vital, perfect food will first cast out the old, dying, decaying imperfections within, as you know.  The organism can be build only when the decaying materials are removed and a new structure is built upon a solid, clean foundation.  The removal of these toxic substances through eruptions, fevers, inflammations, headaches and diarrhea means internal disturbances, biological reactions (ordinarily called diseases) which temporarily cause discomfort and discouragement when  not properly understood.  Each such reaction, properly treated, leaves the organizm in better condition, more vital than before, after it is over.  Results of natural food dieting can only bring about radiant health and freedom from disease.

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