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Cancer Fighting Food Tips

How to Eat Well and Fast on a Budget

I strongly suggest that while fighting cancer holistically you do all your own cooking of organic food, high in fiber, green leafy vegetables and extremely low in animal protein and simple carbohydrates that can convert to sugar. That said, there are times when that just might not be impossible. If you work or have little time for cooking and food preparation, there will realistically come a time when you will need to do something fast and easy. Just don't lose your cool and your mind! Stay mindful of your goals and don't fall off the wagon more than once every two weeks.

That said, falling off the wagon does not mean trot down to KFC and go crazy either! Falling off the wagon while in an active fight against cancer means you will slow down your goal of remission. That means that you might have to resort to a fast meal that is frozen, not fresh, but still strives to be vegetarian, non-GMO, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial dyes or ingredients, no preservatives, non-MSG, and organically grown if possible. Remember, if you do this, it should still be few and very far between, especially in the first 8 months of your battle.

Perhaps the best known of frozen, organic, healthy meals is Amy's. They have a vast variety of meals that taste pretty good. You can get them in some grocery stores and pretty much all health food stores. Amy's high fiber meals are probably best for keeping your system running smoothly.

Also, if you are still eating at mainstream grocery stores or have to in a lurch, EatingWell has developed a line of frozen meals that they have tried very hard to make safe, as well as the high fiber recipes they have for you to cook on your own. I would suggest that you stick with the vegetarian meals primarily. You can also get the frozen meals at local stores. There are only a few vegetarian meals. Just be careful to balance that meal out with some organic carrot juice and again, extreme moderation is the key!

But remember, do your best to stay 80% raw and vegan, organic and when you do eat cooked food, cook it yourself for at least 90% of such meals during this time. Best of luck to you!

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