Alkaline Water and Health

If you are going to do this seriously, holistically, you need an alkaline water machine so that ALL of your water, drinking and cooking, starts cleaner and more alkaline. Either that or be prepared to buy a lot of water from health food stores.  Here is the IMPORTANT FACTOR -- You cannot have cancer if your body is PH balanced, and the more alkaline you encourage it to be, the better.. If your Ph level is correct, you cannot, CANNOT, have cancer at the same time. These two states cannot easily coexist.

Please, do NOT drink straight tap water and think you are fighting cancer holistically, as it contains so many contaminants that you are simply undoing all the good work you have done up till that point. Making or purifying, alkalizing and ionizing is the best route in my opinion. There are many systems out there, but many utilize toxic filtering systems, and thus undue some of the good they have. Ionization takes regular tap water and charges it so that it becomes an antioxidant agent and helps your cells correct themselves, in short. You can find more about it all over the net. The important thing to remember, from my perspective, is that the Zero Point Energy Fusion machine, and the eAmega Water Actify not only purifies and ionizes, but adds in quantum physics and makes a major difference in the effect of the water. 


Take heart! If you can't afford to buy a machine right now, find a person who has one in your area, who sells water by the bottle and makes it on site, usually at your home if you can. If not, you can also buy it at a health food store. But remember that the ionization is usually gone after about 3 days, though the water stays alkaline for about 2 weeks. This is made to be drunk quickly as it is "live" water, and like "live" food it needs to be active.  After research, these are the two I recommend,  I personallyy have a Tyent, though they were not making the eAMWater Actify Machine at the time I got mine.

AMWater Actify Water Machine  learn more . . .

The AMWater Actify is a machine that produces both alkaline and acidic water from tap water. It addresses the imbalance of everyday physical signs at the energetic level to "reorganize” your bio-energetic field. In the state of homeostasis (complete balance), your innate restorative and balancing processes and optimal wellness can be restored.  Learn more . . .

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